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We make Cromwell Bonded Leather in our own factory in the Valencia region of Spain. We control the entire process from bonding the leather fibers together to applying the surface color and grain. This full control is essential to assure the quality standards that our customers expect.

Our Bonded Leather is tannery made. Why is that important? Unlike paper, you can appreciate the grain detail and the rich coloring that is characteristic of fine leathers. The warm feel is developed with tanning oils and leather finishes. The unique leather aroma arises from its high cowhide leather fiber content.

We produce Cromwell Bonded Leather for use by our customers on their modern, high-speed machinery. Softness and thickness uniformity are closely controlled. We engineer our manufacturing processes for specific wear properties such as abrasion resistance, color fastness and light stability. All production must pass our rigorous laboratory tests.

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What is Bonded Leather?

Bonded leather is recycled leather fibers. The leather fibers all come from cow hides.

In the tannery where leather is made, cattle hides are brought to a specific thickness by shaving the back side (suede side) of the hide. The fibers shaved off the hide are used to make bonded leather. These waste cowhide fibers generally go to a land fill if not used to make bonded leather.

The leather fibers are bonded in our factory primarily with natural latex. The natural latex is a renewable resource derived from Hevea trees without harming the trees. The bonded leather is tanned and finished like our cowhide genuine leather.

Bonded leather may be called Bonded Leather Fibers or Recycled Leather Fibers. International standards require a minimum of 50% leather fibers to be called bonded leather. Cromwell bonded leather has a minimum of 75% leather fibers with 25% non-leather substances, including binders, tanning oils, resins, dyes and pigments.

By using bonded leather, we are recycling (or upcycling) tannery waste fibers. Cromwell recycles approximately ten tons of waste leather fibers per day.

We and our customers reduce land fill waste and contribute to sustainability with each bonded leather product used.

Product Comparisons

The differences among Cromwell Bonded Leather product categories of Eurobond, Excel-Tan, Taratan II and ReNatura are primarily in look and feel. The choice of which to use is a matter of taste and cost. All are premium quality bonded leathers.

We are dedicated to innovation. Every year we introduce new collections of Cromwell Bonded Leathers. Based on fashion and leading technology, we have beautiful and powerful answers to the important question: “What’s new?”

Equally, we are committed to continuous modernization. We are leaders in recycling leather fibers, which contributes to improvement of the environment. Our chemistry, water re-use and quality exceed rigorous European standards. Sustainability is essential.

Above all, we provide reliability. Reliability is what our customers’ value most. 

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