Eurobond is the most sophisticated of Cromwell Bonded Leathers. The look, feel and aroma are those of the world’s finest leathers.

Cromwell Aristo embodies the deep “see-through” aniline coloring and the dressy glazed patina of fine calfskin.

Cromwell Sedona, with the refined elegance of its matte luster and rich feel, represents the best of matte appearance.

Cromwell Flanders is a casual contemporary look that highlights the natural grain of tumbled steer hide.

Cromwell Basque is deep and tactile, resembling the appearance and touch typically found in fine European leather goods.

Eurobond is characterized by outstanding physical properties. The visual and tactile qualities are superb and the performance is superior. To appreciate these qualities thoroughly, focus on the grain detail and run your hand over the surface. Then, to discover its resilience, pour water or coffee on it. Eurobond is the ultimate Cromwell Bonded Leather that combines the best of all worlds. Eurobond Bonded Leather is produced in our factory in Valencia, Spain.

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